UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answers for All Courses

UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answers For All Courses for the 2024/2025 academic session is out and it’s available on this page.

Scoring high in the UNICAL Post-UTME screening test is crucial, and past questions can be a powerful tool in your preparation.

This article unpacks everything you need about UNICAL Post UTME past questions and answers, helping you choose the best resources and maximize your score.

To prepare for or study for the upcoming University Of Calabar (UNICAL) Post UTME examination, it’s advisable to use Ofa Joseph UNICAL Post UTME Past questions and answers.

The reason is simple!

The Ofa Joseph UNICAL Post UTME Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is an exam-planning tool.

Have you heard that UNICAL repeats past post-UTME questions?

Is it true that UNICAL repeats past post-UTME questions?

Yes, it’s TRUE!

Although, things have changed a bit.

Before, UNICAL used to repeat past questions word for word.

Now, the questions are usually modified.

So, this is why we say:

Don’t cram UNICAL past questions and answers!

UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answers For All Courses for the 2024/2025 academic session is out and it's available on this page.

Why Use UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions?

Here’s why past questions are essential for your UNICAL Post-UTME success:

  • UNICAL Aptitude test Past papers give valuable insights into the format, difficulty level, and types of questions asked in the post-UTME.
  • It also helps you focus on the right things to study
  • Give you info on the difficulty of the exam
  • You get to understand UNICAL Post UTME area of concentration

Quick Tip:

  • To get the updated and current UNICAL post UTME past questions and answers for all years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023) and current affairs.
  • Click on “Past Questions” and you will be redirected to make payment and obtain the past questions online in PDF.

UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answer PDF For All Courses 2024/2024 Academic Session

S/N UNICAL Courses Their Past Questions
1.          Accounting Past Questions
2.          Criminology Past Questions
3.          Chemical Engineering Past Questions
4.          Computer Engineering Past Questions
5.          Mathematics/statistics Past Questions
6.          Public Administration Past Questions
7.          Mass Communication Past Questions
8.          Agriculture Past Questions
9.          Human Anatomy Past Questions
10.       Fisheries And Aquaculture Past Questions
11.       Architecture Past Questions
12.       Education Arts Past Questions
13.       Theatre Arts Past Questions
14.       Biochemistry Past Questions
15.       Education And Biology Past Questions
16.       Genetics And Biotechnology Past Questions
17.       Botany Past Questions
18.       Education And Chemistry Past Questions
19.       Chemistry Past Questions
20.       Electrical Engineering Past Questions
21.       Doctor Of Pharmacy Past Questions
22.       Mechanical Engineering Past Questions
23.       Petroleum Engineering Past Questions
24.       Agricultural Engineering Past Questions
25.       Pure Chemistry Past Questions
26.       Applied Chemistry Past Questions
27.       Guidance And Counselling Past Questions
28.       Edu / Guidance And Counselling Past Questions
29.       Human Nutrition And Dietetics Past Questions
30.       Education And Economics Past Questions
31.       Economics Past Questions
32.       Agricultural Science And Education Past Questions
33.       Physical And Health Education Past Questions
34.       Home Economics And Education Past Questions
35.       Special Education Past Questions
36.       Adult Education Past Questions
37.       Human Kinetics And Health Education Past Questions
38.       Business Education Past Questions
39.       Environmental Education Past Questions
40.       Elementary Education Past Questions
41.       Petroleum Engineering Past Questions
42.       Technology And Vocational Education Past Questions
43.       Agricultural Engineering Past Questions
44.       Agric-economics And Extension Past Questions
45.       Banking And Finance Past Questions
46.       Fisheries Past Questions
47.       French Past Questions
48.       Education And French Past Questions
49.       Surveying And Geo-informatics Past Questions
50.       Education And Geography Past Questions
51.       Geology Past Questions
52.       Applied Geophysics Past Questions
53.       Education And History Past Questions
54.       Education And English Language Past Questions
55.       Law Past Questions
56.       Linguistics Past Questions
57.       Environmental Protection And Resources Past Questions
58.       Business Management Past Questions
59.       Forestry And Wildlife Management Past Questions
60.       Marketing Past Questions
61.       Education And Mathematics Past Questions
62.       Mathematics Past Questions
63.       Microbiology Past Questions
64.       Music Past Questions
65.       Pharmacology Past Questions
66.       Doctor Of Pharmacy Past Questions
67.       Chemical Engineering Past Questions
68.       Philosophy Past Questions
69.       Physics Past Questions
70.       Education And Physics Past Questions
71.       Human Physiology Past Questions
72.       Educational Administration Past Questions
73.       Urban And Regional Planning Past Questions
74.       Educational Foundations Past Questions
75.       Radiography Past Questions
76.       Nursing Science Past Questions
77.       Political Science Past Questions
78.       Geography /Environmental Science Past Questions
79.       Medical Laboratory Science Past Questions
80.       Library And Information Science Past Questions
81.       Teacher Education Science Past Questions
82.       Computer Science Past Questions
83.       Education And Social Science Past Questions
84.       Soil Science Past Questions
85.       Animal Science Past Questions
86.       Education And Political Science Past Questions
87.       Sociology Past Questions
88.       Statistics Past Questions
89.       Religious Studies Past Questions
90.       Christian Religious Studies Past Questions
92.       Education And Religious Studies Past Questions
93.       Policy And Administrative Studies Past Questions
94.       Mechanical Engineering Past Questions
95.       Education And Social Studies Past Questions
96.       Peace And Conflict Studies Past Questions
97.       English And Literary Studies Past Questions
98.       History And International Studies Past Questions
99.       Linguistics And Communication Studies Past Questions
100.    Dentistry And Dental Surgery Past Questions
101.    Medicine And Surgery Past Questions
102.    Food Science And Technology Past Questions
103.    Electrical Engineering Past Questions
104.    Educational Technology Past Questions
105.    Public Health Technology Past Questions
106.    Science Laboratory Technology Past Questions
107.    Electronics And Computer Technology Past Questions
108.    Social Work Past Questions
109.    Zoology Past Questions

Does using UNICAL Post UTME past questions guarantee a high score?


Your admission to UNICAL isn’t solely determined by your JAMB score; your Post UTME score also plays a crucial role in securing admission to study your desired course at UNICAL.

With Ofa Joseph’s UNICAL Post UTME past questions, you can score up to 350+ in the University of Calabar Post UTME exams if you prepare adequately.

While a high JAMB score is advantageous, a high UNICAL Post UTME score can significantly boost your aggregate and improve your admission chances at the University of Calabar.

In the past questions, we provided all the necessary information, tips, and expo to help you pass the UNICAL Post UTME exams in 2024.

However, this valuable information is not readily available in free past questions and answers.

You need to invest a little to obtain the original and authentic UNICAL past questions and answers that provide comprehensive guidance.

To purchase authentic, updated, and original UNICAL Post UTME past questions and answers in PDF format tailored specifically for University of Calabar (UNICAL) aspirants, the price is ₦1,500.

UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answers For All Courses for the 2024/2025 academic session is out and it's available on this page.

Price: ₦1,500

How to Get UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answers

  • Visit UNICAL Past question portal via www.schoolpursuit.com/pastquestions/.
  • Make payment online or through WhatsApp
  • Send your proof of payment to the same number via WhatsApp.
  • Finally, wait for UNICAL Post UTME past questions and answers to be delivered to you.


Please if you are messaging us, ensure you have made up your mind to buy UNICAL Post UTME Past questions and answers.

We prioritize serious inquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

We hope that you found our article on UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions And Answer PDF For All Courses 2024 to be helpful.

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