JAMB Result Under Investigation 2024 – Release Date

JAMB Result Under Investigation or Withheld in 2024? Here is the release date and meaning and everything you need to know if your JAMB result shows under investigation.

JAMB Result Under Investigation or Withheld: Meaning and Release Date for 2024/2025

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has recently announced that some examination results are under investigation, sparking curiosity and concern among candidates awaiting their scores.

In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning of “JAMB result under investigation” and provide insights into the release date.

What Does “JAMB Result Under Investigation” Mean?

When JAMB declares that certain results are under investigation, it signifies that discrepancies or anomalies have been detected in those specific results.

These irregularities could range from issues with the examination’s conduct to concerns about the integrity of the results themselves.

The board initiates investigations to ensure the credibility and fairness of the examination process.

JAMB Result Under Investigation or Withheld in 2024? Here is the release date and meaning and everything you need to know if your JAMB result shows under investigation.

Reasons for the Investigation

Several factors could prompt JAMB to investigate examination results.

These include;

  • Suspected malpractice cases
  • Technical glitches during the examination
  • Discrepancies in the scoring process or
  • Any other irregularities that cast doubt on the validity of the results.

The only solution for a JAMB result under investigation or withheld UTME result is to regularly check your result via SMS and wait patiently.

Release Date of JAMB Investigated Results 2024

JAMB investigated result release date for 2024/2025 is 5th June 2024.

JAMB has announced 5th June 2024 as the latest date to release the withheld results.

This means that candidates whose results have been withheld by JAMB can expect their results to be out on or before 5th June 2024.

Please note that results are released every day, so keep checking via SMS and this page for updates.

We hope you found our article on JAMB Result Under Investigation or Withheld helpful.

Good luck!

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  1. Please i haven’t received any SMS at all but am always debuted any time i try to check my result
    And please when will the jamb portal be opened

    • Just try to stop sending the SMS. For my brother’s result too, I was sending SMS every hour, and they were debiting. Now they’ve responded over 5 times. So, there’s no need to send and resend again. Just be patient. They’ll respond to you. I hope you’re sending UTMERESULT to 55019 on the SIM you used for Jamb registration. All in capital letters, no space in between. I wish you the very best and I hope your result will fill you with joy and whatever course you want will be given to you. The jamb portal is open o https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login](https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login.

    • Good evening sir and ma I haven’t received anything from jamb I have texted them but till now haven’t received my scores I really don’t know what is going on please is been since yesterday I have been sending text to 55019 and 66019 and they keep deducting my money please I need my result thank you for your understanding

      • Good day dear, it’s actually depends on hw u av been sending it, I was sending mine wrongly until I met someone who told me to send UTMERESULT in capital letters without leaving any space in btw. Just try it dat way, n good luck

            • How many weeks does it take to release jamb results that are under investigation, because i most not write jamb again oo, because am tried of writing oo jamb ,they should please,and i beg them with the name of God 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to release it, staying at home is not good ,dey should please oo😔😔😔😔

      • Good Day Sir
        Please why my result is showing under investigation and when the investigation Result will be released
        Please I need my Result 🥺🙏

      • Can you help me check my please I keep receiving unable to charge [ds value not found] I don’t even understand I am tire my uncle that want to help me with my schooling process had stop taking my calls because of this jamb issues here is my whatsap number if you can help me out 09126394615

    • It network issue try again and the best time to check especially for those using Airtel and Glo is in the evening at Least 10:00pm -12:00pm

  2. So did the government find any malpractice? Cause I’ve never indulged in one and yet my result is under investigation.. it broke me 😭

  3. I have been trying since yesterday to check my UTMERESULT but they keep telling me it is still processing and that they will send the reply shortly but since the result is not out and they also send that connection timed out after 20 seconds
    So I don’t know what to do again if it is because of network

  4. This is getting annoying and strange. I have been texting UTMERESULT/ RESULT to 55019 since April 29th till now, yet I haven’t seen my result. #50 was being deducted and the only replies I got were ” Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get response shortly. The service will cost you #50″ and ” Connection timed out after 20 seconds” I’m getting worried.

  5. Hmm all those things mentioned ; malpractice etx. I haven’t find myself in it
    Anyways I will wait patiently till May 4

  6. They do tell me that my Email password is incorrect. What should I do please? And why haven’t jamb uploaded the results in there portal?

  7. For utmost transparency, candidate should see his/her result immediately after submitting , before leaving the hall, since the exam is computer based

  8. Please is there any chance that the JAMB results are incorrect? Because what I wrote wasn’t what I scored.

  9. We had to sit under the sun at Uniben cos we were not allowed to get close to the hall while other people were writing and now they don’t want to release the results cos of exam malpractice that never happened.
    I really don’t understand what’s going on , please we need our results!
    If it means defending the result, I will.

  10. Please oo my own is just showing unable to charge and under processing since on the 29th. Please shey Lagos dey part of the investigation ni

    • Please bro you do see your own results ni
      Please reply me if you see this text course I am having the same issue

  11. I have tried checking my result but they keep debiting me whenever I check and I can’t still see the result. Is there another way to check it

  12. I haven’t see my result I have tried several times using SMS even in jamb portal still not reflecting why can you help me with that?

  13. I have send SMS to 55019 coutless times but they are nt even responding, they are just deducting 5ONairal.i pray we sha see good result

  14. Please i have tried so many times both online and SMS but still can’t see my result please

  15. What will be the fate of those who were unable to write jamb as a result of system failure? We jamb reschedule a mop up exam for them as promised or has everything ended?

  16. At least they are deducting from some people
    They aren’t deducting from me oo and I’m using the normal procedures
    It keeps saying #50 would be deducted from the services
    Then after that they will bring something like dis.value.not.found.
    Nd I’m using the same number I used for my registration
    I have no issue with my NIN
    I have airtime
    It’s becoming confusing

  17. It’s well 😭😭😭😭
    I’ve been checking my results and it keeps telling me under investigation nawaooo

  18. Is it my fault that i had to write jamb in benin? Or i overpassed? They should have told me beforehand so that i will go to my state to write na

  19. please why is my exam under investigation, there no form of malpractice, me I don’t really understand oo, they should find a way and release my results please

  20. I respect the jamb registrar a lot for his transparency and integrity but i am disappointed and shock this time around for the injustice done to many by withholding results wthout any iota of malpractice evidence in many centres. They are cameras in these centres that can detect malpractice real time and dealt wth accordingly. U dont need to consult a native doctor to do the investigation for u thereby keeping candidates in suspense.
    I see this as the height of incompetence in the examination body for d first time. Prof u gaffe! Pls conclude ur investigation and release d results. Be fair.

  21. I just don’t know,I have never seen this incompetence from JAMB,you don’t need a prophet to tell you the candidates that faulted the rules.

  22. Good morning sir, please have jamb release all the results under investigation because it’s today date giving by jamb

  23. I thought today results which where withheld and under investigation is to be released so why haven’t wee seen ours
    Can anyone explain


  25. How can they say May 4th they will release under investigation results and after waiting patiently till now I can’t access my result
    It’s very unfair

  26. JAMB u hv failed woefully by being insensitive to the plight of innocent children u hv put under anxiety by placing their results under investigation for longer than necessary, these children hv been demoralised and cant concentrate to focus on their waec exams just commrnced. Now u have changed to May 8 as the date the results will be released. Why these prangs? Why not take a cue from civilised nations on how cbt exams are conducted. I do not support exams malpractice in any form but i can tell u boldly that u caims of malpractices in these centres are figment of imagination. Check ur camera well and punish those candidates u hv evidence of examination malpractice and release results of Innocent candidates pls.
    Act fast to restore public confidence.

  27. But dey said 4 may dey will release results under investigation….why 8 may? today is making 8 tymz I checked my results….dey r still showing results under investigation….pls my money don finished for checking of results… eight hundred naira don reached my foodooo

  28. Am nt myself anymore 😭😭😭😭….I can’t do anything again….. pls dey should released our results before someone do anything stupid

  29. Mine is not even showing under investigation, it’s just saying NOT SENT. Am very anxious,I NEED TO SEE MY RESULT

  30. I heard that jamb has postponed the dateline to release the results under investigation from 4th of may to 8th of may 2024 .

    I pray that mine should be released officially on time because there was nothing like examination malpractice, I wrote it by myself.

    Why my result is under investigation till this time?
    God fight for injustice and release my result for me.

  31. It about the detection of discrepancy, malpractice, misconduct or technical glitch.
    It will be resolved soon.

  32. Mine is showing under investigation please when are they releasing this website said May 4th before we didn’t see anything now they are saying May 8th I just hope it comes

  33. Good morning leaders,
    Pls I am pleading with you to help us pls jamb for us we did not cheat especially I know about myself it was what I know I wrote pls sir’s and mmas some people spend a lot of money, someone like me I spend money since when I started attending jamb lessons only for to transport my self down to where I attend lessons it cause a lot of money.
    Not only that, even some candidate came from Lagos down to Akwaibom all because of exams. I really understand why jamb investigate the exams, all they say is that they have detected some malpractice. Not in my centre because I was they we did not do any thing but rather fucos on your system.
    That is all what I have to say.

  34. Good evening everyone,
    I have read all this but I don’t understand why should they think such a thing. It’s not really fair I spend a lot of money before came to write this jamb examination, I attend lessons, my transport fare, food I eat, and my parents the expected me to do well because they have spend a lot for me.
    I read my book according to the syllables, I spend every time of my life to make sure I study hard and smart.
    But why is jamb withhelding the results, in centre E-Resources Annex you wrote what you read no malpractice but I can’t believe this thing am hearing that the detect some discrepancy no not in my place pls am begging. My parents are really worried and me too and this is my own chance to go to school, I don’t want miss this chance pls ,
    Pls sir’s and mmas
    Let them result be out pls some people are really suffering to get money over before the can do anything pls .
    Thanks for your cooperation.

  35. Same with me ooo,am shedding tears coz it’s too much,I didn’t involve myself in examination malpractice. O God help 👏👏

  36. It’s already 2 weeks i haven’t seen, my result which I Profusely prepared for, it’s really improper and inglorious not in my part but those who keep investigating the result for about 2 weeks without any rightful conclusion.

  37. I think we should join accept the fact that jamb don’t want to release our results
    It’s so obvious now

  38. Omo from 8 to 13. This thing is really frustrating after preparing for exam for months now to release results is now problem

  39. I’ve been told that all results understand investigation will be released on or before 13th may, 2024. So don’t be scared mine is also under investigation but my friend’s own in the same centre is out.

  40. I don’t under stand what is happening my result is still under investigation even after the 8th please someone should help. I really want to enter university this year.

  41. I can’t understand what and where Nigeria is headed now…
    We paid money to write exams, no under investigation
    Now release the results of the exams, under investigation….
    I wonder what f**k is going on….
    Pls release pple results abeg….
    God knows there was no malpractice where I was.

  42. Please i won’t be a nice thing for us to spend money to write jamb then at the end of it our result is not released

  43. please for those that there result are under investigation can we check it on our cap when the result has been released. thanks

  44. Na wa ,who no do malpractice, have never heard that dey use to seize jamb result oo,taaaaa, Nigeria, God forbid,abeg dey should release our results oo , because 6,200 no be small money, very soon dey will say that they are thief’s everywhere,the one that wants to study ,they will still stress the people,dey please release it oo i most not stay home this year again oo😔😔😔😔🙏🙏🙏

    • I yus tire. Tomorrow will reach now they’ll say it will be prosponed again. I’m tired. I’ve cried over this thing again and again and it’s scaring me. I’m just tired. I’ve stayed home 2 years now and brother will write jamb next year. For me it’s kinda embarrassing. I just want to enter school this year and now jamb decides to play with our emotions. It’s not fair. At least release those that didn’t do anything at all because I know I didn’t do anything like mal practice 😭

  45. Please how is the authentic of this news about releasing the jamb under investigation results on 13/5/2024 thanks.

    • Me I have not see my own too, I just hate jamb after all the rubbish camera in the hall that means the camera is for nothing.all the money i spent for lesson and jamb registration is for nothing f*** jamb f**** under investigation f*** sch if people do yahoo naaa them go want arrest am

  46. I don’t think they are going to release any result sha because jamb released a memo saying their records has been hacked so they are going to reschedule the exam

  47. Please jamb should released my result
    Because there was nothing like
    examination malpracticess were I wrote mine
    Please the should released my result please cause am very worried
    PLEASE 😔

    • Pls God this is 15th of may my results is still under Investigation 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭pls God do anything in your power to get everyone of us results released 🤲🤲🤲🤲😭😭 pls we re begging

  48. How can you keep these children results for almost a month now. This may affect some of them that are writing WAEC. Pls, release their results.

  49. My result is still under investigation 😭😭
    God knows I did not indurge in any form of malpractice.
    They should please release my result

  50. Jamb please release my daughter result she wrote at federal technical college Asaba this is affecting her WAEC exam

  51. God would punish you people for holding my result
    Is your grandfather or grandmother that engage in malpractice
    Am really getting annoyed
    God would punish anyone that’s is investigating any result till date.cayse it’s making me loose hope
    God would you people
    You people success, children relatives would be withheld later cancelled in the name of Jesus AMEN
    woe into you people

  52. Please jamb shall let a
    Those students know there Faith about their results if it Will be release or not because time is going,I use this big opportunity to say this , jamb release their results for the sake of God

  53. My jamb result is still showing under investigation, please when is the release date 🙏🙏🙏🙏I really need this result 🥺🥺🥺🥺


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