There is Nothing Like BSc in Law in Nigeria

There is nothing like a BSc in Law in Nigeria. Here are all you need to know.

There is absolutely nothing like BSc in Law in Nigeria.

Whether it was the school, their website or the woman that made the mistake, it’s immaterial.

The degree leading to one’s admission into the Nigerian Law School which will ultimately lead to their being called to the Nigerian Bar to practice as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria is not a BSc.

BSc means Bachelor of Science. Is law one of the sciences?

Stop sharing screenshots from here and there; use the screenshot from your commonsense.

That woman’s spoken English and presentation was below average for someone who studied law.

Far more is expected from lawyers and law graduates.

To make matters worse she couldn’t even remember the appropriate title of her degree.

But is this enough to question her credentials and call a liar outrightly? I don’t agree.

There is nothing like a BSc in Law in Nigeria. Here are all you need to know.

Those who say her presentation was enough ground for the pastor to call her a liar are not being fair.

I’m a lawyer, and with all due respect to the legal profession, I have seen lawyers put up a far worse presentation in court.

I have seen lawyers in court who speak worse than that woman, I have seen some forget the name of the parties and suit numbers of the cases they are in court for.

These things happen because of stage fright, lack of preparation, lack of confidence, etc.

So, let’s cut this lady some slack.

The pastor was not impressed with her delivery and he was also clearly disappointed with the system that will produce such a law graduate, but he was wrong to call her a liar flat out.

It was wrong for the pastor to take out his frustration with the system on the poor woman.

She might not be a perfect graduate in the eyes of the pastor but it doesn’t take away the fact that she thinks it was God who helped her; that God deserves her testimony, even if such testimony is given in broken English and stage fright-induced amnesia.

Pastor Paul Enenche has denied God his glory by stopping that testimony.

The pastor should immediately apologize to God and the lady; especially now that it has shown that she was not lying.

I have a classmate who speaks worse than that woman and fumbles a lot whenever he is on his feet.

But he has been practicing for years now and the last time I met him in court, he has improved considerably.

He is a very decent lawyer now. I was impressed.

So, I know what I’m talking about if I tell you that in a few years time, with practice and patience, that woman will become a decent lawyer.

Or is the God of Paul Enenche no longer the God who perfects all things that concerns His worshippers?

– By First Baba Isa (FBI), LLM, FIMC, CMC. Principal Consultant/Head of Chambers, FBI LEGAL.

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  1. Thank you for this explanation.
    Dr Paul shouldn’t have done that.. there Is no difference between him and that woman in the site of God ..
    May God have mercy on Him..

  2. I Practically And Delightfully Appreciate This 👆👇 Clarity, LEGAL Stand POINT And MORAL Stand POINT.

  3. To the best of my knowledge, I know “Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.”
    So Mr lawyer, you trying to insinuate law isn’t science is totally out of it.
    Who said science is based solely on mathematical expressions or calculations?

  4. Thank you so much for breaking this down sir. I thought something thing like this is supposed to be spiritual but for the Pastor to be triggered by the lady’s lack of eloquence speaks volumes. It’s nauseating to see so many people defending his action. I hope that lady takes up the challenge and work on herself and comes back to testify again on that alter a few years from now.

  5. The fact that it’s not called BSc in Nigeria doesn’t deny the fact that there are BSc programs in law in the US and the UK. People are only trying to prove to Enenche that this woman may not be accurate o but he was also not correct as it’s now proven beyond reasonable doubt that there are several BSc programs in law.

    • Exactly! I wonder why the lawyer that penned this omitted to mention that there are in BSc programs in law. This is really unprecedented.

    • You are right, they always wanted to use Nigeria term to override the world wide known definition. There are plenty of Bsc program in law, we studied archaic programs and used old
      books in Nigeria. That’s the reason Nigeria still crawling to grow.

  6. My question is > I have a diploma in law and I want to apply for LLB direct entry, is it going to be considered such a way it is being considered in the rest of Nigerian universities for direct entry ? Thank you🙏.

  7. Wisdom! I don’t know if you are a believer or not but you clearly touched all angles and have modelled grace, which we as Christians are called to do. Thank you.

  8. Well as much as you would want to advocate for the defenceless lady, you should also be mindful to cut the pastor some slack as well because there are so many fraudulent people this days!

  9. Pastor Paul Enenche may not be right in your eyes but hei s right to me. Man is just trying to protect the image of the church before you start seeing headlines like acting gone wrong woman misses her lines on giving arranged testimony,who has Bsc in law? Stuffs like that. You and I knows how people are quick to condemn pastors concerning miracles and prophecy of a thing. Anyways nothing spoil. Pastor Paul Enenche will definitely ask God for forgiveness and the woman too.

  10. Sometimes we have to let go and ask for better understanding
    Of things we know nothing about
    Sometimes it’s not the appearance but the content

  11. William Etedia.

    Pastor was supposed to have confidentially asked her before the stage. This is because there’s always a loss of confidence while on stage especially as a newly brought up lawyer like that, there would be chance of confusion when question is suddenly asked unexpectedly. I think there in the house, is supposed to have a team for examining every presentation of anyone to avoid public embarrassment because a public speech is always difficult especially to he or she who doesn’t understand English language. Pastor, I know you’re trying to look for the greatness of the church but you’re supposed to consider all these first. Thanks.


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