Functions of Constitution in Nigeria | All You Need to Know

Functions of the Constitution in Nigeria – Here is all you need to know about the Nigerian Constitution and its functions in 2024.

The Constitution of Nigeria is the supreme law of the land, and understanding its functions is essential for every citizen.

What is Constitution?

A Constitution is a document that outlines the rules and principles that govern a country.

A constitution serves as the supreme law of a state or country.

It outlines the procedures for establishing legislation or laws and governing the state.

Essentially, it forms the foundation of the government in any nation, such as the amended Nigerian Constitution of 1999.

In this article, we will explore the vital functions of the Constitution in Nigeria, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its importance.

Functions of Constitution in Nigeria

Here are the pivotal roles played by the constitution:

1.       Checks Maladministration and Misuse of Powers
2.       Directs Legislation
3.       Ensures Fundamental Rights
4.       Establishes Government Machinery
5.       Projects Form of Government
6.       Ensures Accountability
7.       Judicial Review
8.       Independence of Organs
9.       Separation of Powers
10.    Upholds Sovereignty

1. Checks Maladministration and Misuse of Powers

The Nigerian Constitution serves as a check on the government, preventing maladministration and misuse of powers.

It ensures that those in authority do not abuse their positions, protecting citizens from tyranny and oppression.

2. Directs Legislation

A federal Constitution guides the states in making legislation, ensuring that laws align with the principles and values enshrined in the Constitution.

3. Ensures Fundamental Rights

One of the functions of the constitution in Nigeria is to ensure and safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens.

Functions of the Constitution in Nigeria - Here is all you need to know about the Nigerian Constitution and its functions in 2024.

The Nigerian Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of citizens, including freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.

It protects citizens from discrimination and ensures equal opportunities for all.

4. Establishes Government Machinery

The Constitution outlines the procedures for the administration, legislation, and execution of government machinery.

It defines the roles and responsibilities of various government organs, ensuring the smooth functioning of the government.

5. Projects Form of Government

The Constitution determines the form of government in Nigeria, which is a federal republic with a presidential system.

6. Ensures Accountability

The Constitution provides for government accountability to the people, ensuring that those in power are answerable to the citizens.

7. Judicial Review

In case of laws violating the Supreme procedure established by law, the Constitution provides for judicial review, ensuring that the judiciary can check the excesses of the other arms of government.

8. Independence of Organs

The Constitution ensures the independence of each organ of government, including the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, preventing any one arm from dominating the others.

9. Separation of Powers

The Constitution provides for the separation of powers, preventing any one person or group from concentrating power and ensuring a balanced government.

11. Upholds Sovereignty

Finally, the Constitution upholds the sovereignty of the nation, ensuring that Nigeria remains a united and indivisible entity.

We hope you found our article on the functions and importance of the Constitution in Nigeria helpful.

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