Welcome to SchoolPursuit.com.

SchoolPursuit.com is an education portal which offers a complete school directory of both online and campus schools, colleges, degrees, and programs.  The main objective of SchoolPursuit.com is to provide valuable information to users that are researching schools, colleges, and universities.  SchoolPursuit.com will have a searchable and coprehensive database of schools, degrees, and programs including both online schools and campuses.  Whether you are looking for an art school like performing arts school or a health care school such as nursing school, SchoolPursuit.com will have what you're looking for! 

In additon to our comprehensive database of schools, degrees, and programs, SchoolPursuit.com will have hundreds of pages of information that users can easily navigate.  Our goal is to let you find the best school for you and we know you'll be able to do that after consulting our education center.  Our education center will house hundreds of pages on things like how to choose schools, pay for school through scholarships and financial aid, and how to land that perfect job after you're done with school.  Whether you're looking for salary information as a graphic designer or you're trying to figure out if earning an online degree is the right choice for you...we've got you covered!

SchoolPursuit.com will provide a comprehensive list of thousands of schools located all across the country.  Below is a list of schools and some of the most popular programs and degrees.

Types of schools: online school, art school, design school, aviation school, beauty school, business school, criminal justice school, culinary school, education school, health care school, liberal arts school, message school, wellness school, technolog school, computer school, trade school.

Popular programs: photography school, performing arts school, fashion school, nursing school, culinary arts school, wellness school, drafting school, broadcasting school

Popular degrees: certificates, diplomas, aa degrees, bachelors, masters. 

Popular campus locations: California, Florida, New York, Texas, Illinois.

Please check back soon...the official website launch of SchoolPursuit.com will be in January 2009.